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Wahl Showpro Pet Clipper

Wahl Showpro Pet Clipper

Wahl Showpro Pet Clipper

Product Code :Wahl Showpro Pet Clipper
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Wahl Showpro Pet Clipper is stronger, more powerful, patented electromagnetic shunt motor has more cutting action than standard electro magnetic clippers. Thumb adjustable taper control adjusts blades to size #30-15 - #10 with a simple flip of the lever.


Shunt Motor Clipper with adjustable taper

Control and precision ground blade set

Durable storage case

Blade guard

Cleaning brush

Clipper oil

Grooming Scissors

Cutting guides

1/8" (3mm)

1/4" (6mm)

3/8" (10mm)

1/2" (13mm)

Instruction booklet

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